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When I switched to this blog in March of last year, I did not expect to hit the thousand-followers mark. Making a post that hits 1000 notes is still so surreal, to me, and I honestly didn’t expect the film meme to take off the way it did. And do you know who made it all possible? You guys. You are what makes this whole blogging thing worth it. I don’t care if you’ve been with me since my old blog or if you just started following me, five minutes ago; I could not be more grateful to have a group of people like you, behind me. I have gotten the sweetest messages in the world that simply make my day. Even if we have our disagreements, you guys are the most understanding and tolerant people I’ve seen. Honestly, I’m jealous. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day and life ahead of you because you deserve it so much. Here’s to more laughs, smiles, memes, gifsets, and anything else coming in the future.

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